It’s a hard life for these SAESSE pups.

They are having a great snooze on our Persian rug,

in front of the fire.

Love this pic!


A Little Fear…

can really be a great motivator to get me out here and learning WordPress.  Something unexpected happened at my work, something  significant enough for me to re-evaluate my career path.  I still need a steady income until this takes off, so I need to safeguard my employment.  My ultimate goal is to blog for money-make enough money to support me and familia.  This will free up my time to do the things that I enjoy-dance, travel, cook, learn new things. I would also like to contribute to something meaningful instead of someone else’s bottom line.

Next time: what my pooches like best.

Getting Beyond the Status Quo (aka Rut)

I’ve been procrastinating lately.  I read a book, waaaay back in January about making money from blogging, and websites…blah blah blah…and I’ve really been meaning to get out here on WordPress and create a blog, fart around and try to figure this out on my own.  Frankly, I needed something to get me out of my less than satisfactory and very annoying self-imposed rut of sleep-work-cook-flamenco-walk dogs-exercise-REPEAT ad nauseam.  I want to end this slavery I have of the 8-5 daily job, the cramming in of my real life in the 48 hour weekend.  I don’t want to be my job.

There’s nothing like a little scare-or a nagging major worry-to light a fire under my procrastinating a** and motivate me to do something.  So here I am.

NEXT: More later about the little nag taking up residence in my head.